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Stage 1 Tuning Kits:

Classic Mini Stage 1 Tuning Kits

Mini Sport is one of the leading suppliers in Stage 1 Tuning Kits for Classic Mini. A Stage 1 Tuning Kit is one of the most accessible and worthwhile ways to improve your Minis performance and power, whilst maintaining fuel economy and engine reliability in standard driving conditions.

Our specialist range of Stage 1 Tuning Kits are available as complete or half size kits with MPi and SPi editions also available. These kits are compatible with all Classic Mini models pre and post 1990 and will improve the performance of all standard carb Mini 850/998/1098/1275cc with HS4 carburetor. 

The Mini Sport Stage 1 Tuning Kit includes an inclusive variety of parts to achieve those additional performance attributes – this includes: A Superflow exhaust system, an LCB exhaust Manifold, Alloy Water Heated Inlet Manifold, Exhaust Manifold Gasket, Cone Air Filter, Carburettor Needles, Carburettor Spring and Exhaust System Fitting Kit with comprehensive fitting instructions.

Please take a look at our other range of Exhaust Systems & Parts or alternatively our exclusive range of Engine Tuning Kits from the iconic Cooper Car Company.

If you need further assistance or information about our Stage 1 Tuning Kits, Exhaust Systems and Exhaust Parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

Mk1 Mini Wiring Harness from Mini Sport Mk1 Mini Wiring Harness from Mini Sport

The connections on a Mk1 Mini Braided wiring harness, manufactured by Mini Sport Ltd. The connections on a Mk1 Mini Braided wiring harness, manufactured by Mini Sport Ltd.
Why Choose Mini Sport Wiring Harnesses?

British-Made Excellence: Proudly made in Britain, our wiring harnesses reflect the renowned quality and craftsmanship historically associated with British manufacturing. Using traditional techniques and machinery, our skilled craftsmen produce each harness to provide reliability, durability, and authenticity.

Custom Craftsmanship: At Mini Sport, we control every step of the manufacturing process. This allows us to pour our extensive knowledge and attention to detail into every wiring loom, ensuring they meet the specific needs of Classic Mini enthusiasts.

Variety and Authenticity: Our looms are available in a range of finishes, including PVC harness tape or cloth braiding, tailored to match the original aesthetics of different Mini models. We strive to use original-type terminals for authenticity, and where this isn't possible, we provide suitable, high-quality alternatives.

Adaptable and Comprehensive: Our looms serve various functions from simple dash conversions to complex full-vehicle wiring, with options for modifying or altering to suit specific requirements like additional spot lamps, head lamps, and other electrical features.

The original-type terminal on a Braided Mini Wiring Loom. The original-type terminal on a Braided Mini Wiring Loom.