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Mini Cooper Interior Trim Parts

Mini Cooper interior trim parts – then welcome to Mini Sport, world-leading purveyors of everything classic Mini. 

The look and feel of any type of Mini is important in regards to its driving experience – and we’re not just talking about the exterior here. Driving ‘in style’ starts from the inside of the car – if you’re unable to feel comfortable and equipped whilst operating your vehicle, how can you expect that to translate into an elegant driving experience? 

So whether you’re looking to drive your Cooper out on the road, to compete in motorsport events or even to display it at the many classic car shows and meets, we have all of the Mini interior trim parts you need to repair, restore or to customise your classic, timeless car.

Our High-Quality Selection of Mini Cooper Interior Trim Parts

Our Mini interior trim department comprises of high-quality and original specification products from exclusive brands such as the Cooper Car Company, Paddy Hopkirk Mini, Sparco, Newton Commercial and Moto-Lita, as well as our very own innovative Mini Sport brand.

Just a selection of our Mini Cooper interior trim parts includes:


  • Carpets and floor mats for the Mini Cooper. Provide the inside of your Mini with comfort, style and insulation, with our range of moulded carpets and deluxe floor mats for the Cooper. Manufactured and sourced for suitability for all classic Mini models – including twin tanks and right/left-hand drives. We also supply a full range of essential fitting parts and components, like carpet studs and fastening clips.

  • Classic Mini pedals. Allowing you to seamlessly control the speed of your car, great-quality pedals are an obvious vital component to have. Our selection of pedals for the classic Mini are available in alloy, silver, matte aluminium or chrome. We also have a number of additional parts for the pedals too – including an accelerator pedal assembly for left-hand drive models, a clutch pedal assembly for right-hand drives, through to rubber coverings for the clutch or brake pedals.

  • Mini dashboards. Our range of classic and custom dashboards will provide the ideal look and/or functionality you require from your in-car console. All of our dashboards, (and the materials that comprise them) have all been sourced for their high qualities and can be fitted to all classic Mini and Cooper editions. Choose from alloy, walnut, vinyl and charcoal-finished dashboards, complete with chrome rings for left and right-hand drive Mini’s.

  • Classic Cooper gear knobs. Allow yourself the ability to change gears almost effortlessly, with our selection of Mini gear knobs. Brilliantly combining the functionality of control, along with a classic aesthetic style, the gear knobs that we have on sale as part of our Mini Cooper interior trim range will allow you to restore your car back its former glory, enhance your driving experience and even to place a customised personal touch on to it.

  • Mini steering wheels. Get the best from your Mini driving experience and direct it to where you want to go, with our range of steering wheels and accessories. Designed to match the originals, enhance your control (or both), our selection of Mini steering wheels comprises of wooden, vinyl and leather models, evoking the spirit of the classic yet allowing for added customisation if needed. If you need any Mini steering accessories, we have everything you need – boss kits, steering nuts and Mini horns.

  • Mini seats and covers. Drive in comfort, with our great selection of stylish and sophisticated seats and seat covers for the classic Mini and Mini Cooper. Made from custom-prepared leather, vinyl and fabric, each of our seats and seat covers are able to appeal to every enthusiast with their original, replica and contemporary designs for the road, rally or racetrack.


We have far more than just those parts and accessories as part of our Mini interior trim department. Browse for a great selection of boot boards & liners,  centre consoles & armrests, door handles, sound insulation and much more!

Mini Sport – World-Leading Purveyors of ‘Everything Mini'

Our collection of Mini Cooper interior trim parts represent just one section of our all-encompassing Mini build, repair and restoration business. Ever since the heyday of the classic Mini, we have been providing customers from around the globe with all of the parts and assistance they need to continue to keep the spirit of the classic Mini alive – something we’re pleased to see is growing as strong as ever.

Please feel free to browse around our website for all the parts and accessories you may need to repair, restore or customise your Mini. Need any assistance or have any questions about our products (or indeed, on anything Mini)? We would be pleased to speak with you!

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