Mini 'R' Range Drive Shafts

R Range Drive Shafts:

Elevate your Classic Mini's competitive edge with the R Range Mini Driveshafts, exclusively from Mini Sport's revered R Division. Forged from over five decades of motorsport experience and expertise, these driveshafts are engineered to decide the winner on any track. Whether you choose the Hardy Spicer type or the Pot Joint type, each pair is crafted to deliver unparalleled strength, fatigue resistance, and lightweight performance—qualities that are essential in competitive motorsport.

Developed with insights from the World Rally Championship and other top-tier motorsport events, these driveshafts utilise aerospace-grade materials to ensure maximum durability and performance. The Hardy Spicer and Pot Joint fitments provide versatile options to meet specific racing requirements, making these driveshafts indispensable for those serious about competing in a classic Mini.

Manufactured with Precision:

Each driveshaft is meticulously designed and produced on state-of-the-art CNC machines, embodying Mini Sport's commitment to innovation and quality. This precision manufacturing process ensures each component meets rigorous standards and fits perfectly with your Mini’s existing setup.

Design & Innovation:
Rooted deeply in motorsport heritage, the R Range Mini Driveshafts are a testament to Mini Sport’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance technology. These driveshafts not only meet but exceed the demands of Mini enthusiasts who participate in competitive racing.