Mini R Range Billet Aluminium Radius Arms

R Range Radius Arms:

Mini Sport R Range Billet Aluminium Radius Arms in Anodised Orange Mini Sport R Range Billet Aluminium Radius Arms in Anodised Orange

Transform your Classic Mini's suspension with the R Range Billet Aluminium Radius Arms, a premier offering from Mini Sport's prestigious R Division. Precision-engineered for peak performance, these radius arms are crafted from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminium, providing a perfect blend of strength, rigidity, and lightweight efficiency. At just 3.32kg each, they significantly reduce unsprung mass, leading to enhanced agility and responsiveness in any driving condition.

Designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology and fully CNC machined, these radius arms are meticulously engineered to offer a direct replacement for the original Mini radius arms. They incorporate innovative features like a built-in 1° negative camber on the stub axle for improved rear-end handling, and are equipped with needle roller bearings instead of traditional bushings for increased efficiency and precision.

Striking Aesthetics with Functional Excellence:

Available in an exclusive anodised Orange finish, unique to the Mini Sport R Range, these radius arms not only boost your Mini's performance but also enhance its visual appeal, making a bold statement of quality and reliability.

Compatibility and Future Integration:

These radius arms are initially designed for use with coil spring suspension systems, and a forthcoming variant will also be compatible with the original Mini suspension, ensuring versatility for all types of Classic Mini upgrades. As we prepare to launch a comprehensive suspension system, these radius arms will seamlessly integrate, offering an unparalleled upgrade in handling and performance.

Introduction to New Suspension System:

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our complete suspension system, designed to integrate seamlessly with our R Range Billet Aluminium Radius Arms for the ultimate in Classic Mini suspension technology. This innovative system will expand on the benefits of our radius arms, providing comprehensive enhancements to your Mini's stability and agility. Register now to receive updates and exclusive early access to the full suspension system when it launches.

Preview of the new Mini Suspension system by Mini Sport Preview of the new Mini Suspension system by Mini Sport