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Unveiling Mastery: The Blue Printed Mini Sport Engine for Your Classic Mini 

In the vibrant world of classic Mini restoration and performance enhancement, Mini Sport Engines emerge as the pinnacle of excellence. With the advent of engine blueprinting in our reconditioned and Big Bore performance engines, we offer not merely an engine, but a masterpiece of engineering precision. Designed to elevate your classic Mini experience, these engines redefine what it means to drive with passion.

The Art and Precision of Engine Blue Printing

Engine blue printing is the heart of our approach, a meticulous process ensuring harmony and balance in every build. This method guarantees each component fits with unparalleled precision, adhering to the strictest tolerances. Far beyond simple rebuilding, blueprinting reimagines what an engine can be.

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Precision Cleaning & Preparation

Our journey to perfection begins with the engine block and every component being immaculately cleaned. From boiling out the block to ensure every water jacket is pristine to re-tapping, cleaning, and oiling each bolt hole, this foundational step is vital for the engine's integrity and performance.

Optimised Component Selection and Machining

Beyond standard assembly, blue printing involves the careful selection and precision machining of each part. This ensures not just spec compliance but the ideal compatibility for the engine being crafted. Every detail, from chamfered bolt holes to the removal of imperfections, is considered, ensuring seamless assembly and operation.

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Engine Balancing: The Performance Keystone


A balanced engine is the essence of a blue print engine. Through meticulous weighing, measuring, and matching, we achieve an assembly that operates in perfect harmony, crucial for both performance and longevity.

 Why Choose a Blue Print Mini Sport Engine?

Unmatched Performance

Our blue print engines promise a driving experience that's both exhilarating and responsive. Ready for anything from country roads to the race track, a Mini Sport Engine transforms your classic Mini into a marvel of machinery. 

Tailored to Your Needs

Recognising the uniqueness of every classic Mini and its driver, we customise our engines to meet your specific desires, reflecting your passion for driving.


Whatever Your Need, We Have You Covered!

Every Mini Sport Engine: A Masterpiece

Choosing a Mini Sport Engine means investing in a legacy of motorsport excellence and engineering mastery. Ian's innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to performance are embedded in every engine, offering not just an unparalleled driving experience but continuing a legacy that marries the thrill of motorsport with classic Mini heritage.

A New Era of Mini Excellence

Opting for a Mini Sport Engine is a commitment to elevating your classic Mini with unmatched precision, performance, and passion. We're not just setting a new standard for engines; we're redefining the classic Mini driving experience. Behind the wheel of a Mini Sport blue print engine, you're not just driving a car; you're piloting a legacy, poised to carve the next chapter in your Mini's storied journey.

A Vaxhuall Astra, built by Ian Joyce on a Rally Stage is 1985. A Vaxhuall Astra, built by Ian Joyce on a Rally Stage is 1985.

The Architect of Performance: Ian's Legacy

At the core of every Mini Sport engine beats not just precision and craftsmanship but the passion and expertise of our lead engine builder, Ian. With decades of motorsport and engineering excellence, Ian's journey from a British Leyland apprenticeship to the forefront of rally car development shapes the soul of our engines.

Ian's Journey: From Apprenticeship to Innovation

Starting at 16, Ian's career path from apprentice to workshop foreman at British Leyland in Chorley, Lancashire, laid the foundation for his storied career in automotive excellence. His passion for motorsport, from 350cc motorbike racing to sidecar racing and rally car development, has been the crucible for his engineering talents.

The Mini Sport JCW WRC R53 MINI, on stage at the Mull Rally 2021. The Mini Sport JCW WRC R53 MINI, on stage at the Mull Rally 2021.

The winning MINI WRC, at the Mull Rally 2021. The winning MINI WRC, at the Mull Rally 2021.

Mastering Rally Car Excellence

Ian's impact in rally car development, creating iconic vehicles for legendary drivers and bringing WRC advancements to the classic Mini, highlights his role in transforming the BMW Mini R53 into a championship winner. His expertise now infuses every classic Mini engine we build at Mini Sport.

Let's Write the Next Chapter of Your Mini's Legacy Together!

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