Mini 'R' Range Brake Kits

R Range Brake Kits:

Mini Sport R Range Caliper, as part of the Brake kit. Mini Sport R Range Caliper, as part of the Brake kit.

Unleash the full stopping power of your Classic Mini with the revolutionary 'R' Range Mini Brake Kits from Mini Sport's R Division. Engineered for unmatched performance, this brake kit features the world-first 4-Piston Mono-block Caliper design, specifically tailored for the Mini. The kit's ultra-lightweight components, including aluminium drive flanges, bells, and an 8.15" rotor, fit perfectly under a 10" Mini wheel and weigh only 10.06kg, enhancing your Mini's agility and speed without sacrificing safety.

Designed for both the track and fast road use, the 'R' Range Mini Brake Kit offers supercar-level braking power that consistently outperforms its rivals. This ultimate braking experience comes with everything you need for a comprehensive upgrade: mono-block callipers, vented rotors, aluminium bells, drive flanges, Aeroquip brake hoses, bespoke brake pads available in either Fast Road or Competition Specification, and a full mounting kit.


The Mini Sport 'R' Range Brake Kits set new standards in braking performance with features designed to maximise safety and reliability:

Ultra-Lightweight Construction: Reduces unsprung mass for better handling and performance.
Total Rigidity and Exceptional Feedback: Offers consistent, precise braking with excellent pedal feedback.
Effective Heat Dissipation: Ensures brakes perform well, even in extreme conditions.

Specially Developed Vented Rotors and Larger Bespoke Brake Pads: Increase surface area for improved stopping power and heat management.

Design & Innovation: Rooted in Motorsport heritage, these brake kits are a testament to Mini Sport’s commitment to innovation, meeting the most demanding needs of Mini enthusiasts.