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Classic Mini Towing Parts

Aside from the economical costs, compact design and the great driving experience, one of the great things that made the Mini such a popular model to drive on roads and motorways across the country, was its ability to be adapted to a range of uses. Whilst the compact design saw a very limited room for luggage in the boot, a great way to transport anything that wouldn’t fit in was the easy addition of a trailer.

If you’re looking for Mini towing parts, then you’ve round the right place here at Mini Sport – one of the world’s premier Mini specialists.


Mini towing Parts From Mini Sport

No matter if you have a Classic Mini, a Mini Cooper, Mini Traveller or Mini Van, connect a trailer to your vehicle with ease – our range of Mini towing parts and components includes:


  • Mini Towing Eyes. Quick and easy to fit to your Mini, the type of towing eye you need will depend on the materials you use to tow. For example, some towing eyes are designed for rope only, whilst others, that are more robust, can be used with any solid towbar. Please browse each product description carefully to find your ideal model.
  • Mini Towbar Kits. If you’re looking to replace the entire towbar on your Mini, we have a fantastic range of Mini towbar kits. Our complete kit is able to fitted to all Mini saloons and comes complete with a bracket, tow ball and cover, electrics and all the additional fittings you could need.


Choose Mini Sport For Your Mini Parts and Spares

For over 50 years, the team here at Mini Sport have been providing customers with a complete service, supplying them with everything they need in order to restore, repair or reinvent their Minis.

Being a family-owned business, we understand the need to respect history and protect the tradition that stems from it – attributes that are also indicative of the timeless brand of vehicles we love. Through this, we have grown to be one of the world’s premier Mini specialists. 

Through our experience in the industry, we have built up a vast contact base and knowledge that allows us to source great materials and Mini parts, as well as being able to create our own, matching the high performance levels of the originals.

Finally, we constantly strive to help our customers to find their perfect parts for their Mini – so if you have any questions about anything at all concerning your model, we are on hand to help.


Need Advice on Anything Mini? Get In Touch With The Mini Specialists

Please continue to browse our range of Mini towing parts and click on any of the products for further information. To get in touch with us directly regarding any query you may have, you can call us on 01282 778731 or e-mail us

Mk1 Mini Wiring Harness from Mini Sport Mk1 Mini Wiring Harness from Mini Sport

The connections on a Mk1 Mini Braided wiring harness, manufactured by Mini Sport Ltd. The connections on a Mk1 Mini Braided wiring harness, manufactured by Mini Sport Ltd.
Why Choose Mini Sport Wiring Harnesses?

British-Made Excellence: Proudly made in Britain, our wiring harnesses reflect the renowned quality and craftsmanship historically associated with British manufacturing. Using traditional techniques and machinery, our skilled craftsmen produce each harness to provide reliability, durability, and authenticity.

Custom Craftsmanship: At Mini Sport, we control every step of the manufacturing process. This allows us to pour our extensive knowledge and attention to detail into every wiring loom, ensuring they meet the specific needs of Classic Mini enthusiasts.

Variety and Authenticity: Our looms are available in a range of finishes, including PVC harness tape or cloth braiding, tailored to match the original aesthetics of different Mini models. We strive to use original-type terminals for authenticity, and where this isn't possible, we provide suitable, high-quality alternatives.

Adaptable and Comprehensive: Our looms serve various functions from simple dash conversions to complex full-vehicle wiring, with options for modifying or altering to suit specific requirements like additional spot lamps, head lamps, and other electrical features.

The original-type terminal on a Braided Mini Wiring Loom. The original-type terminal on a Braided Mini Wiring Loom.