Mini 1275GT 1969-80

Mini 1275 GTA Interior Trim Accessories

Whilst the general running and the exterior look add a sense of prestige to a car, it’s the interior’s look and feel that allows the driver to have a sense of pride about the vehicle they’re driving. With the Mini being one of most-loved ‘classic cars’ around, a well-groomed interior should be at the forefront of their driving experience.

Here at Mini Sport, we have an extensive collection of Mini 1275 GTA interior trim accessories to ensure that this timeless car looks and feels just like the original. Our range of trims and finishes for this model (issued between 1969-1980), have been made to original specifications, in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Interior Trim For Mini 1275 GTA

If you’re interested in improving the look of your car’s interior, our range of Mini 1275 GTA interior trim accessories by the prestigious Newton Commercial brand includes:


  • Rear quarter panels. Giving your rear wing a matching look with the rest of the interior, a great-quality rear quarter panel can help to provide profile and added comfort for the occupants of the car.
  • Shelf trim panels. Keep your seatbelts separated from the material of your rear seats, with our range of vibrant Mini shelf trim panels. No matter the colour or style you need, our selection will fit any 1275 GTA model.
  • Pocket liners. Easy to fit, you just need to slip these Mini pocket liners into the rear pockets to ensure a tight fit. The creases in the fibreboard will bend accordingly and can be easily pushed into place.
  • Wheel arch covers. Sewn to fit over the wheel arch by the rear seats, the range of Mini wheel arch covers we have on sale here at Mini Sport will match its look and feel with the rest of the interior.
  • Door panels. We have a wide selection of Mini 1275 GTA door panels, some of which match the specialist panels that were only made for particular 1275 GTA models. Made from vinyl material, they offer a straightforward fit and a matching aesthetic with the seats.


Aside from these accessories, you’ll also be able to find interior base foam cushions and seat covers, as well as a selection of fitting components and parts for the easy installation of the interior trims and panels.

Choose Mini Sport For High-Quality Mini Parts and Accessories

We have been creating, sourcing and fitting Mini parts and accessories for well over 50 years now – ever since the heyday of the classic Mini in fact. Throughout our time in the industry, we have kept to the same fundamental beliefs of offering ‘high-quality products for the right prices’. Even today, what with the classic Mini no longer in production, we are still able to source (and create) new parts and accessories that hold to the same beliefs, giving our customers the opportunity to keep the spirit of the Mini alive.

Regardless if you’re seeking to replicate the original look and feel of your Mini’s model or if you want to place your own bespoke customisation onto it, we have everything you will need amongst our vast product range. Our friendly team are always on hand to help with any questions you have on anything Mini, so please feel free to get in touch with us!

To learn more about our Mini 1275 GTA accessories range or if you need any Mini restoration advice, you can call us on 01282 778731 or you can reach us by e-mail at


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