Mechanical Parts

High Quality Classic Mini Parts

Need to improve the running of your classic Mini? Have broken down parts that need replacing? Perhaps you want to give your Mini an upgrade? Then welcome to Mini Sport – a world-leading purveyor of Mini parts and accessories. 

Our mechanical parts selection contains everything you need to get your Mini running to the levels you desire. Whether you need new Mini brake parts, electrical and lighting components, engines or the tools to put them all in place, our selection of parts has been chosen for their high qualities, as well as for their ability to evoke the spirit of this timeless automotive brand.

Our Complete Range of Original Specification Mini Parts

No matter if you intend for your Mini to reflect the historic look and performance of the originals, need to repair components to allow for easy, everyday use or even to customise it to allow for high performance on the track or rally course, our range of Mini parts will serve your needs.

Just a selection of the parts and spares we have on sale includes:


  • Engines. From complete engines to individual components and tuning kits, we have everything you need to replace, repair or build your ideal engine. The Mini engines that we have as part of our range include the 1293cc and 1400cc variants that are for use in all classic Mini and Mini Cooper models.

  • Drivetrain. Being a collection of parts that work together to provide power from the engine to the wheels, a well-functioning drivetrain is vital to experience a smooth drive. Our Mini drivetrain parts and accessories includes wheel bearings, swivel hubs, rear wheel hubs, drive shafts, drive flanges, CV joints (and connections) and ball joints.
  • Cables. Allowing for a number of key Mini parts to connect and work together, fully-functioning Mini cables are an important aspect of how the car is able to perform. Browse our high-quality selection of choke cables, handbrakes cables, heater cables and speedo cables.
  • Gearboxes. As they are responsible for transmitting power from one part to another, in order to ensure a smooth driving experience, the need for housing for gears cannot be overlooked. We are able to supply you with high-quality straight-cut Mini gearboxes, reconditioned units as well as kits for you to recondition your existing gearbox yourself.
  • Clutches. Creating a smooth engagement between the engine and the transmission, a well-functioning clutch allows that driving experience to remain smooth. Our collection of Mini clutch parts will enable you to replace individual components or to build a new clutch from scratch. Choose from arms & plungers, cylinders, diaphragms, hoses & pipes, bearings, seals, washers or flywheels. 
  • Steering. If you’re looking to improve the driveability of your Mini, our selection of steering parts will help you to gain improved control. Whether you need ball joints, steering column & cowl, steering racks, swivel hubs, track rod end or steering arms, we will have everything you need.


Why not take a look around our product range to learn more? Aside from this selection of Mini parts, we have cooling & heating parts, cylinder heads, electrical & lighting components, exhausts, gaskets, lubricants & fluids, suspension and all tools needed for use in all Classic Mini, Mini Cooper, Mini Van, Mini Clubman and Mini Pick-Up models.

Mini Sport – World-Leading Mini Specialists

Having been involved with the Mini for over 50 years, we have continued to help fellow enthusiasts to fine-tune and repair their Minis, keeping the spirit of this timeless icon alive. Not only does our standing in the industry allow us to obtain high-quality Mini parts at great value prices, but having been built on our founder’s innovative approach to creating spare parts, our own manufactured parts can further help you to get the most from your Mini driving experience.

If you have any questions to ask about anything you may see on our website, or need any advice on anything Mini, our dedicated Mini specialists will be pleased to speak with you. You can give them a call on 01282 778731 or e-mail