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Welcome to the Mini Sport Service & Fitting Centre, your ultimate destination for classic Mini maintenance and repair. We are more than just a service centre; we are a community of Mini enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the legacy of these iconic vehicles. Our comprehensive suite of professional services is designed to keep your beloved Mini performing at its peak, ensuring a smooth and safe ride every time.

Free Visual Health Check

Our Free Visual Health Check is the first step towards ensuring your Mini's optimal performance. Our trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, providing a detailed written report of any findings. We offer a competitive estimate upfront, with no obligation to purchase. This service is our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

MOT Testing

Our MOT Testing service ensures your Mini is safe to drive and meets all legal requirements. We carry out all necessary work to ensure your vehicle passes with flying colours. Trust us to keep your Mini roadworthy and compliant with all safety and environmental standards.


Regular servicing is essential to keep your Mini in top condition and maintain its value. At Mini Sport, our fully trained technicians use Mini-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment. We use original Mini parts, OE parts, or special equipment parts designed and engineered by Mini Sport to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle. We've been keeping Minis on the road since 1967, and we're ready to do the same for yours.

Mini Sport Technician Working on Rear Brakes Mini Sport Technician Working on Rear Brakes

Fast Fit Centre

Our Fast Fit Centre offers a while-you-wait service that combines convenience, Mini Sport quality, and competitive prices. From car battery replacement to wheel balancing and clutch replacement, we provide a comprehensive range of wear and tear parts along with repairs. All vehicle makes and models are welcome at our Fast Fit Centre.

Tyre Fitting and Balancing

We stock an extensive range of high-quality tyres from prestigious brands like Yokohama, Falken, Nankang, and Dunlop. Our trusted tyre fitting service is available six days a week on all steel and alloy wheels on Mini models and other vehicles with wheels up to 22". Our trained technicians will offer you advice and guidance on tyre choice and functionality before fitting your tyres and ensuring they are balanced appropriately.

Battery Replacement, Wheel Tracking and Alignment

We offer battery replacement services and wheel tracking and alignment to keep your Mini running at its best. Don't let a dead battery or misaligned wheels slow you down; trust us to keep your Mini in top condition.

Exhaust Fitting and Repair, Clutch Servicing

Our expert technicians are skilled in exhaust fitting and repair, ensuring your exhaust system is working correctly and not channeling any potentially dangerous emissions. We also offer clutch servicing to keep your Mini running smoothly.

Mini Sport Exhaust Fitting in Garage Mini Sport Exhaust Fitting in Garage

Suspension Repair

A well-functioning suspension system is crucial for a smooth and safe ride. A faulty suspension can cause a number of problems, including increased tyre wear, reduced fuel economy, and poor handling. If the front of your car dips when braking, is swayed by side winds, or feels like it is handling poorly, you could have faulty suspension.


At Mini Sport Service & Fitting Centre, we offer a free-of-charge suspension check for your peace of mind. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your suspension system, identifying any issues and providing a detailed report of their findings. We will only quote for essential work and advise on future maintenance requirements. Trust us to keep your Mini's suspension system in top condition, ensuring a smooth ride and optimal handling.

Brakes Repair

Brakes are one of the most critical safety features of your vehicle. If your brakes are not functioning correctly, it can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Whether it's a squeaking sound, a soft brake pedal, or your car pulling to one side when braking, these could all be signs of a potential issue with your brakes.


At our centre, we offer comprehensive brake repair services. Our skilled technicians will inspect your brake system, identify any issues, and provide a detailed report of their findings. We only recommend and quote for necessary repairs, ensuring your brakes are performing optimally for your safety.


Remember, regular checks and maintenance of your brakes can prevent more serious issues down the line. Trust us to keep your Mini's brakes in top condition, ensuring a safe and secure ride every time.

Winter and Spring Vehicle Checks and Servicing

Seasonal changes can take a toll on your vehicle. Our winter and spring vehicle checks and servicing ensure your Mini is ready to tackle any weather condition.


At the Mini Sport Service & Fitting Centre, we treat each Mini with the care and attention it deserves. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience the difference of Mini Sport quality.

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