12 to 10 Mini Brake Conversion Kit

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Converts your Mini brakes to the 7.5" Cooper S type so the wheel size can be reduce from 12" to 10", giving the ultimate classic look!
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This fantastic kit from Mini Sport allows you to convert the 1984 onwards 12" wheel Mini to use 10" wheels for the ultimate classic look. This is achieved by replacing the 8.4" front discs and calipers with Mini Cooper S 7.5" discs and calipers.

This is a very popular conversion and will give your Mini a great period look!

The conversion kit comprises of:

  • 27H4657 - LH Cooper S brake caliper
  • 27H4656 - RH Cooper S brake caliper
  • GDB101 - 2 x 7.5" Cooper S brake discs
  • 21A1270 - 2 x Cooper S drive flanges
  • GBP103MIN - set of Mintex brake pads
  • 2180KIT - brake pad fitting kit
  • SF604061 - 8 x drive flange retaining screws
Alternatively we also have a range of high performance brake kits which will allow you to run with 10" wheels,

With 7.5" discs and calipers,

  • MSLMS0509-7.5 - Alloy 4 pot calipers, 7.5", in 10 cool colours.
  • MSLMS03KIT - 7.5" brake kit, alloy caliper, brake discs and pads.
  • MS2688 - 7.5" disc brake assembly, complete and ready to fit

Or with 7.9" vented discs and calipers (only certain types of 10" wheel),

  • MSLMS0509-7.9V - Alloy 4 pot calipers, 7.9" vented, in 10 cool colours.
  • MSLMS01 - 7.9" brake kit, alloy caliper, vented brake discs and pads
  • MS2686 - 7.9" vented disc brake assembly, complete and ready to fit
For pre 1984 Minis with front drum brakes please see MS2680KIT which contains everything you'll need to convert to disc brakes.
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