Disc Brake Kit - Mini Cooper S 7.5"

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Self assembly Mini Cooper S 7.5" standard disc brake kit.

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A complete self assembly Mini Cooper S 7.5" disc brake kit. This brake kit can be easily fitted to any Mini and is an ideal way to upgrade from drum brakes and retain the original 10" wheel.

The kit contains:

  • FAM2391 & FAM2391 Swivel hubs
  • GSJ166 Ball joints
  • GHK1140 Wheel bearings
  • BTA894 & BTA895 Steering arms
  • GBD101 7.5" Brake discs
  • 27H4656 & 27H4657 Cooper S calipers
  • GBP103MIN Mintex brake pads
  • 21A1270 Drive flanges
  • GCV1013 CV joints.
  • FAM9270 drive flange collars
  • 53K1048 caliper bolts
  • 2A4315 steering arm bolts
  • FAM6924 Steering arm dowels
  • SF604061 Drive flange screws
  • 2180 Brake pad pins

We can also supply the 7.5" disc brakes as a built, ready to fit assembly, see MS2680, or fitted with alloy 4 pot calipers, see MS2688_MAS.

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