Dynalite Alternator - C40 dynamo look a like - Negative Earth

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Dynalite alternator that is disguised to look like the C40 dynamo, with negative earth.

The Dynalite - the lightweight alternator that looks like a dynamo.

 Exclusively designed and manufactured by PowerLite in the UK, the Dynalite is a real revolution in Classic Motoring, and is possibly the most significant invention in the industry of modern times. The Dynalite is designed to look just like a Classic Dynamo but offers the advantage of the vastly improved charging abilities and reliability of an alternator.

 The Dynalite offers around 80% more power whilst at the same time reducing weight by about 40%. Not only do you get the advantages of an alternator but reliability is improved even further as the control box is no longer needed and can be removed or just bypassed if you want to retain the under bonnet look of your classic car.

Dynalite Benefits

- Every single Dynalite has been designed, built and tested on the vehicle by Auto Electricians, with specialist knowledge of Classic British and European cars.

- The Dynalite has been purposely designed to look exactly like the original unit, for those who want increased performance but wish to keep the authentic, original appearance of their car.

- The Dynalite performs like a modern alternator, and will charge across all rev ranges.

- The Dynalite will produce up to 40 amps ? a huge increase on the original unit, sometimes as high as 40%.

- Approximately half the weight of the original dynamo.

- All units supplied with a wiring diagram and comprehensive fitting instructions.

- All Dynalite units have a lifetime manufacturers warranty.