Quickrack - RHD 2.2 Turns Mini Steering Rack

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Mini Sport Quickrack steering rack 2.2 turns lock to lock, for right hand drive Minis
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NAM5058QUICK - New, ready to fit Mini quick rack. (C-AJJ1570)

At 2.2 turns lock to lock, the Mini Sport Quickrack gives you faster steering response for fast road or competition driving. The standard NAM5058 rack is 2.7 turns.

This steering rack is suitable for right hand drive Mini models. Track rod ends are not included and should be ordered separately as GSJ734.

Just one of the wide range of Mini steering racks we have available,

  • NAM5058 - Steering Rack RHD - All Mini models with 10" or 12" wheels (FAM7306)
  • NAM5059 - Steering Rack LHD - All Mini models with 10" or 12" wheels(GSR158) (FAM7307)
  • NAM5059QUICK - Quick steering Rack LHD - All Mini models with 10" or 12" wheels (C-AJJ1571)
  • GSR3386 - Steering Rack RHD - Sportspack 13" wheel Mini models
  • GSR1185 - Steering Rack LHD - Sportspack 13" wheel Mini models

If you are fitting a new rack you may also want to consider ordering new fittings to make the job as quick and easy as possible,

  • GSJ734 - Track rod end
  • 21A30 - Foam ring - fits between steering rack and body
  • 2A6208 - 'U' Bolt for steering rack
  • 21A2553 - Nylon anti friction strip for 'U' bolt
  • GFK3322 - Nyloc Nut for 'U' Bolt
Please note, if you are changing the original steering rack on a MK1 Mini you will also need to fit new steering arms as the arm amd rack set up was different on pre 1967 Minis.

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