Disc Brake Assembly - Mini 8.4"

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Complete, ready to fit Mini 1984 on 8.4" standard disc brake assembly.


A complete, ready to fit Mini 8.4" disc brake assembly as used on all Mini's from 1984 onwards. Professionally built by Mini Sport technicians using best quality original equipment components this brake assembly can easily be fitted to any Mini using 12" or 13" wheels. If you wish to use 10" wheels you will need the MS2680 7.5" disc brake assembly.

The complete assembly includes:

  • FAM2391 & FAM2391 Swivel hubs
  • GSJ166 Ball joints
  • GHK1140 Wheel bearings
  • BTA894 & BTA895 Steering arms
  • GBD90806 8.4" Brake discs
  • GBC138 & GBC141 Mini 1984 on calipers
  • GBP281MIN Mintex brake pads
  • 21A2695 Drive flanges
  • GCV1013 CV joints.

We can also supply the 8.4" disc brake assembly fitted with alloy 4 pot calipers. See MS2689KIT.

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