Drive Flange for Mini Cooper S & Early 1275GT - 21A1270

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Drive flange for Mini Cooper S & 1275GT (21A1270). Ensures durability & optimal performance.

EN24 Drive Flange = (21A1270HD)

Alloy Drive Flange = (21A1270A)


Introducing the Drive Flange (21A1270) for the Mini Cooper S and Early 1275GT, a testament to Mini Sport's unmatched quality and precision engineering. Designed for Minis with 7.5" brake discs and 10" wheels, this drive flange is the pinnacle of performance and durability. Manufactured to original tooling and specifications, our drive flange stands as the best quality product available on the market.

For over two decades, Mini Sport has been at the forefront of drive flange manufacturing, supplying major providers worldwide. If you're investing in a Mini drive flange, chances are it's made by us, guaranteeing you receive a product that sets the standard for excellence.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Mini Cooper S and early 1275GT models.
  • Precision engineered for strength and durability.
  • Manufactured to original specifications for a perfect fit.
  • Essential for restoration and upgrade projects.

When upgrading to the new drive flange, consider the following parts for a complete installation:

  • 21A2064: Wheel studs
  • SF604061: Countersunk mounting screw
  • GCV1013: CV joint for Minis with disc brakes
  • FAM9270: Split collar, CV joint to drive flange
  • BTA249: CV Joint Nut (for non-CV joint replacements)
  • GBD101 series: 7.5" Brake discs in standard, drilled, and grooved variants
  • GHK1140: Front wheel bearing for disc type
  • FAM2390 & FAM2391: Right and Left Swivel hubs for disc type

Technical Details:

The drive flange is a crucial component, acting as the connection point between the axle and wheels and providing the outer thrust surface for the wheel bearings. It's designed for use with all 7.5" disc Cooper S/1275GT variants, intended to accommodate 10" wheels as an integral part of the front suspension system.

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Drive flange as used on Mini Cooper S and early 1275GT models with 7.5" brake discs (GBD101) and 10" wheels.

Manufactured by Mini Sport using genuine tooling for forging, then finished manufactured to original specifications from original drawing in our CNC machining centre, ensuring the best quality product available.  Mini Sport have been making drive flanges for over 20 years and supply to every major supplier around the world, so if you are buying a Mini drive flange then it is probably one of ours.

Only Mini Sport can provide such a high quality product, if its not manufactured by Mini Sport then its not the best!

When fitting the new drive flange you may also require these parts:-

  • 21A2064 - wheel studs
  • SF604061 - Countersunk mounting screw
  • GCV1013 - CV joint for Mini models with brake discs
  • FAM9270 - Split collar, CV joint to drive flange
  • BTA249 - CV Joint Nut - (if you are not changing the CV joints)
  • GBD101 - 7.5" Brake disc, standard
  • 21A1265D - 7.5" Brake disc, drilled
  • GBD101GRV - 7.5" Brake disc, grooved
  • GHK1140 - Front wheel bearing - disc type
  • FAM2390 - RH Swivel hub - disc type
  • FAM2391 - LH Swivel hub - disc type

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