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MK1 Back Panel

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A genuine Mini Mk1 rear/ back 1 piece steel panel, original specification.
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A genuine 1 piece rear panel for all Mk1 Mini saloon models, pressed from a single sheet of steel, as they were originally made.

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Manufactured from high grade steel to exact original specifications, then hand finished by the craftsmen at British Motor Heritage using the original techniques passed down since 1959, ensuring authenticity and the genuine pedigree.

Back/ rear panels for the Mini Mk1 have not been available since the late 70’s, until now. Developed by Mini Sport and approved by British Motor Heritage these 1 piece rear panels are the only option available for and authentic, original  restoration.

Pressed from a single steel sheet, there have been no modification made to the rear screen or to the rear lights, these are a 1 piece unit as originally manufactured.

As used on all the Mini Mk1 body shells produced by Heritage.

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