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Classic Mini Steering Racks

Linking to your wheels and allowing them to move as you turn the steering wheel, the steering rack should always be kept in optimum condition for you to enjoy the driving experience. As the Mini provides a driving sensation like no other, that should go tenfold if you have any of the classic models!


As keeping the joys of the classic Mini alive is what we’re about here at Mini Sport, we stock a complete range of Mini steering racks for all iterations – as well as all the accessories you need to attach them to your steering system.


These steering racks and accessories have been designed and created by our own Mini specialists – with over 50 years in the Mini servicing business, we have used our collective experience to establish a leading classic Mini workshop that continues to push the boundaries of classic Mini design. As we say, we’re in the business of keeping the joys of this classic car alive – so why not join us?

Mini Steering Racks For All Classic Models

The steering rack is a solid metal component that connects to the wheels with a series of U-joints/bolts; these move the rack pinion left and right as the steering wheel is turned. Ultimately, the rack is responsible for the steering and as it’s in constant use, general wear and tear will affect its function, often leaving it feeling loose. Not a feeling you want, really, whilst driving!


If you’ve got a faulty Mini steering rack or are building a new steering system altogether, you will find all the parts and accessories you need amongst our range. Aside from the standard RHD and LHD steering rack for the classic Mini, we have created several other specialist types, including Mini Sportspack and Quickrack steering racks for high-performance road and rally use. In addition, we have a full range of connecting accessories and other items – including track rod ends, u-bolt clamps, limiter kits and more.


Please browse around our selection of steering items to find all that you need to restore the unforgettable driving quality of your own Mini. Have any questions? Then our team are always on hand to help!

Mini Sport: Your On-Stop Shop For ‘Everything Mini’

As a family-owned business, we share much of the same philosophies that the original models were produced with; namely offering a unique driving experience and a great-value price. This is precisely why we drive that extra mile in order to ensure that we are able to supply everything our customers need to recreate the feelings that these timeless cars brought to their owners.


So if you’re looking to experience the smooth drive that the classic Mini offered 60 years ago, please take the time to browse our range of Mini steering racks. Have any questions about these or any of our Mini parts and spares? Give us a call today on 01282 778731 or e-mail


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