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At Mini Sport we stock a large selection of custom made accessories to make your Mini’s engine bay unique and individual. Our stainless steel range covers engine breathers, mounting plates, master cylinder covers, coil brackets, plug lead clamps, engine steadies and head nut covers, and we have polished or coloured aluminium rocker covers, caps and T bars to complete the look.

Mini Sport also stocks dipsticks, rocker covers and T bars from the Paddy Hopkirk Mini and Cooper Car Company product ranges.

Our selection of Engine Brightwork parts & components is just a small range of our depatment of Engine Components available for worldwide delivery from Mini Sport  - this includes crankshafts, camshafts and kits, oil pumps, pistons, piston rings, bearings, timing gears and chains, gaskets, engine mountings and water pumps. Whatever your engine needs we have it covered here at Mini Sport.

For help or advice on any of our engine brightwork products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Paddy Hopkirk Red Alloy Rocker Cover
    Sonderpreis 57,76 € Regulärer Preis 60,80 €
  2. HT Lead Seperater Clamps - Stainless Steel
    Sonderpreis 14,96 € Regulärer Preis 17,14 €
  3. Mini Bulkhead blanking plate - 2 hole
    Sonderpreis 18,11 € Regulärer Preis 20,74 €
  4. Engine Weather Shield Fittings (3)
    Sonderpreis 6,79 € Regulärer Preis 7,78 €
  5. Mini Cooper Rocker Cover Sticker
    Sonderpreis 3,94 € Regulärer Preis 4,51 €
  6. A+ Distributor Clamp & Bolt
    Sonderpreis 21,32 € Regulärer Preis 24,42 €
  7. Stainless Steel MPi Top Hose
    Sonderpreis 75,02 € Regulärer Preis 85,92 €

Artikel 1-12 von 94

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