Take a look through our comprehensive range of Classic Mini Wiper equipment. In addition to the wiper motor itself Mini Sport also stocks all the parts required to operate the windscreen wipers. We have wiper motor drive wheel gears, wiper wheel boxes, park switches and connectors, mounting straps and pads, wiper rack tubes and driving wires to suit all Classic Mini models.

All part of Mini Sport’s range of Classic Mini Electrical & Lighting department which also covers dynamos, alternators, starter motors, wiring looms, headlamps, indicators, rear lamps, ignition systems, distributors, spot lamps and dash and column switches.

If you require any further information or a little advice on our replacement wiper motors and parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Wiper Motor Brush Kit - MK1
    Sonderpreis 18,44 € Regulärer Preis 22,80 €
  2. Wiper Wheel Box
    Sonderpreis 17,19 € Regulärer Preis 18,60 €
  3. Wiper Wheel box Black Plastic Plinth Kit pair
    Sonderpreis 10,93 € Regulärer Preis 13,05 €
  4. Wiper Motor Outer Rack Tube 3 Piece Kit
    Sonderpreis 39,64 € Regulärer Preis 43,42 €
  5. Wiper Motor Rack Inner Wire
    Sonderpreis 10,74 € Regulärer Preis 12,80 €
  6. Wiper Motor Strap with Rubber Seal
    Sonderpreis 7,99 € Regulärer Preis 8,78 €
  7. Wiper Motor Park Switch
    Sonderpreis 10,97 € Regulärer Preis 12,74 €
  8. Wiper Motor 1967-2001
    Sonderpreis 48,30 € Regulärer Preis 51,91 €
  9. Wiper Motor Plug and Wiring
    Sonderpreis 9,46 € Regulärer Preis 10,38 €

Artikel 1-12 von 15

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