Explore Mini Sport’s selection of Classic Mini Indicators and Side Repeaters in our extensive Electrical & Lighting department. We stock complete front indicator and side repeater units to suit all Classic Mini models including Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S and Mini Clubman. We can also provide amber or clear lenses, bulb holders and bulbs separately.

For rear indicators please see our Rear Lamps section and for other lighting options, take a look at Mini Sport’s ranges of Interior Lights, Lamp Pods, Spot Lamps, Rear Lamps, Headlamps & Components and Bulbs all right here in our Electrical & Lighting department.

If you require any further information or a little advice on our Indicators and Side Repeaters or any of our other Classic Mini electrical products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Clubman Front Indicator Flasher Lamp - LH
    Sonderpreis 91,66 € Regulärer Preis 99,13 €
  2. Side Repeater Lamp - Amber
    Sonderpreis 3,23 € Regulärer Preis 4,01 €
  3. Glass Amber Indicator Lens 1959-1986
    Sonderpreis 6,68 € Regulärer Preis 7,27 €
  4. Plastic Clear Indicator Lens 1986-2001
    Sonderpreis 2,42 € Regulärer Preis 3,22 €
  5. Bulb Holder for Side Repeater 1986-2001
    Sonderpreis 18,68 € Regulärer Preis 20,97 €
  6. Wiring Loom - Side Repeater
    Sonderpreis 18,88 € Regulärer Preis 21,57 €
  7. Indicator Bulb - Standard Clear each
    Sonderpreis 0,68 € Regulärer Preis 0,87 €

Artikel 1-12 von 29

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