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If you are looking to repair or replace your Brake Servo, our selection of Brake Servo parts and components for Classic Mini’s offer a wide selection of choice.

Here on our Brake Servo department, you will find Mini Brake Servo Repair Kits, Mini Brake Servo Support Brackets, Mini Brake Servo Kit and Brake Servo Units, for the Classic Mini Mk1 and Minis from 1989 on.

Please Note: The Original Lockhead Mk1 Mini Servo was discontinued many years ago, but we have a superb Bendix reproduction manufactured from aluminum, which is an ideal replacement!

For advice on any products please contact our sales team on 01282 778731 or email

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  1. Brake Servo Support Bracket - Front - Mk3 Mini
    Sonderpreis 10,71 € Regulärer Preis 11,77 €
  2. Brake Servo Repair Kit - Mini '89on
    Sonderpreis 73,77 € Regulärer Preis 81,05 €
  3. Brake Servo Unit - MK1 Mini Cooper S
    Sonderpreis 387,07 € Regulärer Preis 418,27 €
  4. Brake Servo Unit - Mini '89 on
    Sonderpreis 191,07 € Regulärer Preis 206,47 €
  5. Brake Servo Kit - single line systems
    Sonderpreis 239,09 € Regulärer Preis 264,19 €
  6. Brake Servo repair kit - Mini single line type
    Sonderpreis 35,06 € Regulärer Preis 37,88 €

8 Elemente

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