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Classic Mini Brake Kits

If you’re searching for Mini brake kits to replace your existing system, we have you covered for every classic model here at Mini Sport. Our seasoned Mini experts design and manufacture a full range of high-performance brake kits – from easy-to-fit 4-Pot Alloy Calliper Conversion Kits that contain 7.5”, 8.4” discs, through to 7.9” and 8.4” Vented discs.


We also stock Surestop Brake Kits and the popular, 12” to 10” Brake Conversion Kits which allows for the fitting of 10” wheels to Mini’s issued from 1984 and onwards. In addition, we also have brake conversion kits by other prestigious brands such as the Cooper Car Company, Paddy Hopkirk Mini, OE Spec, and a range of Rear Brake Disc Conversions from KAD – so no matter your need, we can fulfil it.

The ‘R’ Range – High-Performance Mini Brake Kits

As leading innovators of new parts for all iterations of the classic Mini, the strive to find the ultimate braking experience is what’s behind our R Range Mini brake kits. Equally at home on the track or open road, the kit’s ultra-lightweight construction and pioneering technology delivers supercar stopping-power.


Using our knowledge gained from the WRC and other top-level motorsport, we have constructed a braking kit designed to make the driving of a Mini feel lighter, yet stronger and safer. The major advantage of these kits is the wight-saving aspect; Mini 8.4" brakes weigh 16.52kg, 7.5" Cooper S brakes clock in at 13.56kg, while our Monoblock kit weighs just 10.06kg. That’s over a 6-kilo saving on the average Mini braking system.


Also heavily contributing to our braking kit’s high performance at the minimum weight, is the rotor and bell assembly. Thanks to their two-piece construction and expert engineering, the lightweight assembly drivers deliver greater acceleration, braking and handling – whilst heat is controlled in the most extreme conditions.


To summarise, our R range Mini brake kit includes:


  • 2x Monoblock Calipers.
  • 2x Vented Rotors.
  • 2x Aluminium Bells.
  • 2x Aluminium Drive Flange.
  • 2x Aeroquip Brake Hoses.
  • Set of bespoke brake pads (choose either ‘fast road’ or ‘competition specification’ brake pads).
  • Mounting kit.

Why not take a look at these high-performance Mini brake kits for yourself?

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For over 50 years, the Mini Sport team have been creating, sourcing and fitting Mini brakes, parts and accessories, establishing a world-leading business in the process. No matter if you’re looking for Mini brake kits to restore, repair or customise your Mini driving experience, we have everything you will need amongst our vast product range. Our dedicated Mini experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have on anything regarding your Mini – so feel free to get in touch!


You can speak to us by calling 01282 778731 or you can send an e-mail to and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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