John Cooper Magnolia 180 KPH 3 Clock Dial Set

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John Cooper magnolia dials for 3 clock, 180 KPH instrument sets

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Created by Cooper Car Company as an accesory for the magnolia faced auxiliary gauges comes the Cooper Dial sets. Featuring the iconic John Cooper signature, this dial set will transform the look of your Mini's dashboard.

Made in the UK from heavy duty material these dials are designed to replace the original instrument faces and not merely cover them up.

Cooper magnolia dial kits are for use in later Mini's with Nippon Seiki instruments and are available in 2 or 3 clock, MPH or KPH sets.

The Cooper instrumentation range includes,

  • MCPIS.ABV2220-03C - 52mm voltmeter with magnolia face and chrome bezel
  • MCPIS.PL2328-03C - 52mm mechanical oil pressure gauge with magnolia face and chrome bezel
  • MCPIS.CA1100-02C - 52mm 12 hour clock - with magnolia face and chrome bezel
  • MCPIS.DIAL-90M - 2 clock 90 MPH magnolia dial set
  • MCPIS.DIAL-110M - 3 clock 110 MPH magnolia dial set
  • MCPIS.DIAL-140K - 2 clock 140 KPH magnolia dial set

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