GAZ Adjustable Shock Absorbers Front lowered each

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Gaz adjustable Mini shock absorbers front lowered each
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Gaz shock absorbers strike the ultimate balance between comfort and performance road holding for your Mini.

An easy 36 point rotary adjustment system provides the facility for fine tuning without having to remove the unit from the car.

The body is zinc plated for greater corrosion resistance and a longer service life and incorporates double lip oil seals plus an extra stem seal on the pison rod.

Each unit is fully tested and supplied from the factory with an individual report.

Available in a standard length version and also this shortened version for Minis wth lowered suspension.

For individual GAZ shocks see also,

  • GAZGTA231B12 - Standard length Mini front shock
  • GAZGTA233B12 - Standard length Mini rear shock
  • GAZGTA237B12 - Shortened Mini rear shock
Looking for a full car set? Try,
  • GAZGTA23KITSTD - Set of four standard length shocks
  • GAZGTA23KITLOW - Set of four shortened shocks

Please note: Although shock absorbers are supplied individually, it is recommended that they are replaced in pairs.

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