Mini Sport Alloy Front Hub Set With Bearings

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Mini lightweight alloy front hubs for all disc brake Minis, built with wheel bearings

A pair of specially designed aluminium Mini swivel hubs. Developed by the Mini Sport Engineering Department, using the latest CAD-CAM machinery, to be as strong and as light as possible. This set is built to order with the ball joints, steering arms and wheel bearings pre-assembled onto the hubs.

This superb lightweight Swivel Hub set will fit all Minis with disc brakes. An exceptional piece of design and engineering and an exclusive Mini Sport product. Created for Race, Hill Climb and Sprint Cars where absolutely every gram of weight which can be lost, is of the utmost importance and top priority.

Machined by our own in house CNC equipment from a 7075 aircraft grade high specification aluminium billet, then hard anodised. These specially designed Mini Sport swivel hubs are not only strong and durable but over 1kg lighter than the standard cast swivel hub!

Designed for maximum strength, these swivel hubs use a modified 3 bolt steering arm and uprated heavy duty sealed ball joints. These alloy swivel hubs are ideally suited to be fitted with the Mini Sport alloy 4 pot caliper kit and the rear alloy hub. This combination will give a significant weight loss on your competition Mini whilst improving the braking efficiency and characteristics over the standard brake setup.

Weight of standard cast swivel hub - 1.73kg each

Weight of Mini Sport Alloy swivel hub - 0.71kg each

The Mini Sport built alloy swivel hub set Includes:

  • LH Lightweight alloy swivel hub
  • RH Lightweight alloy swivel hub
  • LH modified 3 bolt steering arm
  • RH modified 3 bolt steering arm
  • Sealed heavy duty balljoints
  • Front wheel bearings
  • All assembled and ready to use

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