Indoor Cover for Mini Saloon

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Dustproof indoor cover finished in black silky material, to suit all Classic Mini Saloon models 1959 to 2001

Classic Mini Indoor Car Cover, dustproof to suit all Mini Saloon models 1959-2001.

Finished in black lightweight silky material material.

* In-Garage car covers offer protection from knocks and spills, dust, cats. The car cover that is suitable for continuous indoor use.

* Our In-Garage car covers incorporate a door-zip (with an inner protective flap) on both sides.

* In-Garage car covers have elasticated hems at both ends.

* The In-Garage car covers are machine washable and dry quickly.

* All in-Garage car covers are supplied with a holdall.

In-Garage covers are manufactured using a lightweight silky nylon textile with acrylic proofing to render the material truly dustproof. The cover is breathable, and can be easily washed.We do not use cotton, the traditional material for inside use, because: (a) it is very difficult to make it dust proof, and the treatment to do this does wash out after a few washes. (If you can blow through it, dust can get through!) (b) it is very good at absorbing damp! (think of towels, etc). So damp air in your garage equals a damp 'flannel' lying on your car and, without a draft, this might take days to dry at some times of the year!We believe that this fabric represents the best choice available for manufacturing in-garage car covers. This fabric treatment is to our specification and hence is unique to our covers."